Red and Rose

Red and Rose

By: Claire Van Duinen and Emma Kern (One of my friends)

He had warned her about the book, but now it was too late. Red had taken the book home, curious about the warning. She read the book all night, captivated by the story, when suddenly the clock struck midnight. And things began to happen. . .

Once upon a time,

There was a girl, her name was Red because of her bright red hair. She had a sister named Rosemary. Red loved to read, but Rosemary hated reading. Red had bright red hair, and Rosemary had hair black as a raven. Rosemary loved the outdoors. Red loved the library, her favorite part about it was Mr. Wisor. He had a passion for books just like her.

The girl’s parents were dead, their mother had died from a sudden sickness, and their dad soon died afterwards from grief. So now they lived with their great aunt who didn’t pay any attention at all to them.

One day the trees were swaying in the breeze, a perfect day for the library. Red headed off down the dirt path weaving through the trees. After a short walk she arrived at the library. She rushed into the library and a smile spread on her face as she saw Mr. Wisor. He walked over and said, “I have a book for you, follow me.” She followed him among the rows of endless books until they finally came to the very back of the library. Mr. Wisor pulled an old worn book off of the shelf, carefully handed it into her arms, and said, “I love this book, but let me warn you, be careful don’t let anyone take this book from you and never read this book past midnight.”

“Okay.” Red said curiously. She ran home dashing through the woods, when she suddenly saw a tree move. Then another, soon all the trees were closing in on Red, she looked one way and another, no way to escape. The sun suddenly disappeared behind a cloud and the breeze stirred up the leaves.

“Rosemary, help!” And then everything was back to normal, the sun came out, and the breeze died down. Red didn’t know what happened but she hurried home and quickly locked the door behind her. She sat down, opened the book, and began to read.

Time passed quickly when Red finally looked up to see the time 11:30. Oh no, she thought remembering Mr. Wisor’s warning and quickly shut the book. But Red captivated by the book opened it one more time peeking at the next page. When she tried pulling herself away she found she couldn’t, and she kept on reading. The next time Red looked up it was 11:59. I will just finish the chapter she thought reading quickly, and then the clock struck midnight. GONG . . . . and she fell asleep.

The next morning Red woke up and groggily looked around the room. There was ivy in her room it was everywhere. It blocked all the exits! Red started to panic, how would she get out? Remembering how she stopped the trees, she yelled, “Rosemary help me.” But nothing happened. She walked up to the door and pulled the ivy away. A thorn pricked her finger, and then everything went black.

Meanwhile Rosemary was having a normal morning,  going around doing her chores just as she did every morning. Then Rosemary thought she heard Red call out to her for help. So Rose went up to Red’s room and knocked on the door, with no answer she knocked a little bit louder this time, but still no answer. “Red, Red!” She yelled. Nothing. it was completely silent. She tried to open the door but it was stuck. She looked under the door and then she realized something, there was ivy growing out from under it! Rose was confused and freaked out! Rosemary tried to pull at the ivy and pricked her finger on a thorn and suddenly fell asleep.

The next morning when she woke up she found that she was bound, hanging over a fire with fairies surrounding her.

“What are you doing little girl are you lost, can we help.” A fairy asked.

“I’m looking for my sister.” Rosemary said timidly.

“Well I’m Queen Bell, and I would love to help you. What can I do.” Queen Bell, asked.

“Well I have no idea what happened to my sister but I need to find her, before my aunt comes back.”

“Okay, c’mon.” So They set off, Rose and an army of fairies. They made their way out of the forest and to the house. As they got closer to the house, they started hearing noises, a lot of voices talking at the same time, and it seemed to be coming from Rose’s house. When they were able to see her house, they realized that the voices were coming from small men, that were all standing around the house.

“What are they?” Rose asked Queen Bell.

“Elves, nasty things, they are the protectors of the ivy. These are the Ivy Elves.” Bell replied. The fairies flew closer to the house, and started blasting spells at the elves. The elves retaliated and started shooting deadly arrows at the fairies. The fairies started making bigger spells and soon some elves started falling dead. Soon all the elves had fallen, except one had disappeared into the house. The fairies shouted spells and the all the ivy slowly disintegrated. Rose ran up to Red’s bedroom and heard evil laughter behind the door. She quietly opened the door. She saw the last elf sitting in the room with the book in his hands. And Red laying on the bed asleep.

“Hey that is Red’s!” Rose yelled. The elf turned and at that moment Red woke up and saw the elf with the book. She grabbed a thorn off a remaining piece of ivy and quickly stabbed the elf with it. The elf instantly fell asleep.

Red ran to Rosemary crying “I love you Rose.” And hugged her tightly.



The piano is being played, all the notes wrong. Plates clatter and clank as they rest in the dishwasher. Voices gradually grow, louder the words going back and forth. Names are shouted doors opened and closed. A toilet flushes the water going away. Cars roll by music and honks follow. Everything is so loud you can’t hear the crickets playing their song.

But if you listen very carefully you can hear the wind brushing the leaves. A car that’s mile away. A porch swing creak, and a lawnmower starting up a few doors down. You can hear a bird finding it’s mate. A child singing a song and the breeze whispering secrets. Just listen.


My family had a gecko for a while, I loved watching Keri, (the gecko’s name) eat food so I wrote a story about it.

She tenses up, her tail leaving the ground proud to hold it up. She sticks out her tongue as if to say I’m hungry. Blinking her beady black eyes she waits for the right move. I watch her prey slowly move away hiding under shelter. Her foot moves quickly and she advanced close to the ground. Her whole body goes stiff. Her tail wags and she pounces. Her food is gone in less than a second only a leg is left dangling in the predators mouth.


Thanksgiving Poems and Prayers By: Claire

God we usually eat a rushed meal. Soccer, meeting You understand. But today is the day that we bless you so here are our blessing. Listen and you will hear:

Laughter and Ketchup.

Art and Brothers.

Music and summer.

Baseball Caps.

Cello and Comics,

every Sunday Morning.

Eggs for breakfast and ZZZZZZ(for sleep)

Ice Cream, Ice Skating, Icing on cakes.

Book Clubs and Blankets, Warm Apple Crisp

Noise and Quiet

Numbers and Words

Raining and Sledding

Ahhh that’s a lot!

Thank you God

For so much

Remind us to pray.

Now lets eat.

Thank you for wonderful friends.

Be with those who don’t have any.

Thank you for patience

Bless those who aren’t.

Books, we have.

Others don’t, give them some so they can read

Learning you give us.

Some don’t, provide them with teachers.

Flowers and trees bloom each year.

Some people have never seen a pear.

You bless us with so much.

Thank you God!

Now let’s bless other!


Here is our pray.

Right from our hearts.

Thank you for:

Ketchup for hamburgers.

Beds for dreams.

Needles for sewing.

Smiles for beams.

Umbrellas for rain.

Grand Canyon for trips.

Don’t forget brothers, they quite a hit.

Amen Lord

Thank you for listening


Thank you God for my joy.

But share my joy.

With people that are alone or scared.

Bring them gladness in all that they do.

Shine there day like a polished shoe.

Give them faith.

Give them delight.

Thank you Lord with all my might.

Now let us close this prayer with a final


Just Listen

The piano is being played, all the notes are wrong. Plates clatter and clank as they rest in the dishwasher. Voices gradually grow, louder, the words going back and forth. Names are shouted doors opened and closed. A toilet flushes the water going away. Cars roll by music, and honks follow. Everything is so loud you can’t hear the crickets play there song.

But if you listen carefully you can hear the wind brushing the leaves. A car that’s miles away. A porch swing creek, and a lawnmower starting up a few doors down. You hear a bird finding it’s mate. A child singing a song. The breeze whispering secrets. Just Listen.

Books you should read

This is a list of books that I have read. If you have any good books you read post them in the comments box.

  • The stars of the summer by Tara Dairman
  • The Power of Poppy Pendle by Natasha Lowe
  • Hope was Here by Joan Bauer
  • Cassidy’s Guide to Everyday Etiquette (and Obfuscation) by Sue Stauffacher
  • The 68 rooms by Marianne Malone
  • A Hero’s Guide to Saving the Castle by Christopher Healy
  • Percy Jackson The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan
  • Percy Jackson The Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan
  • Gone Crazy in Alabama by Rita Williams-Garcia
  • My Name is Parvana by Deborah Ellis
  • Drizzle by Kathleen Van Cleve